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We at the JUST KITS GROUP are passionate about what we do. We believe every day is a chance to be better. We demonstrate this through our values and actions as a company. We are committed to maintaining the highest safety and quality standards in our industry. We constantly strive to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations and products. We are committed to building a sustainable supply chain that also protects the safety, well-being and dignity of our workers, through our investments in our employees, our workspace and the communities that we are honoured to serve.

As a group we constantly invest in research and strive to develop new and innovative solutions for the building and hardware industries, that are cost effective, maintenance free and have the best environmental outcomes.

We have recently forged an alliance with Modular Homes Australia and are now offering a complete range of single- and two-bedroom houses, suitable for use as granny flats, in caravan parks or as Airbnb. These units use the same low maintenance materials as our traditional homes and can be supplied as kits built to lock up stage or complete finished to provide a turnkey solution. Some of these new designs can be either built on site or completed in our factory and delivered to site as a completed unit.

The JUST KITS GROUP is now selling through its subsidiary, JUST KITS HARDWARE a range of innovative hardware products, the same low maintenance, cladding roofing and internal lining systems used in our quality homes.

The JUST KITS GROUP will continue to provide the best in quality hardware and building solutions to our valued customers and invest heavily in our own trusted staff and employees while having a positive impact on the environment through the use of innovative methods and where ever possible recycled materials.

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